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The Bayano Caves are three caves located on the south side of Lake Bayano in the Province of Panama.

The tour to the caves of Lake Bayano is an experience that moves the human spirit. Discovering a natural landscape of such great and enormous beauty is an experience that fills the senses with pleasure and shows us at the same time the ephemeral nature of our passage through this world leading us to remember that we must responsibly preserve our world with all its natural wonders.

The tour departs at 7:00am from Panama City heading to Lake Bayano, an important natural resource of Panama. After almost two hours on the highway we reach the town of Cañita then board a boat for the half hour crossing of Lake Bayano and finally reach the foot of the entrance of the caves.

When we get to the caves we equip ourselves to start this beautiful and impressive journey through a canyon full of passageways and huge caverns where we will find a variety of small animals that inhabit this ecosystem without sunlight, lagoons of crystal clear water, huge formations of limestone rock formed through the centuries until we arrive at a lagoon where we can bathe in crystal clear waters. This route has a distance of approximately 1km.

After a rest we will return to the shore of the lake to be picked up by our boat and return to the small port of the bridge over Lake Bayano where we will board our transport and return to Cañita for a delicious lunch before heading back to the city ​​of Panama.

On this tour it is possible to observe different species of birds, reptiles and a large number of amphibians and butterflies.

  • Includes: Guides, safety equipment, boat, lunch, ANAM, roundtrip transport to Panama City.
  • Duration: The whole tour will take between 7 and 9 hours, depending on the size of the group.
  • What to bring: We recommend wearing comfortable clothes that cover most of your body from the sun. It is recommended to wear hiking shoes or closed shoes with good traction that can get wet. Carry a complete change of clothes, insect repellent, hat or cap and sunscreen.
  • If you are outside of Panama and wish to make a reservation, we would appreciate if you make it 30 days or more in advance.
  • If you are a resident or already in Panama we would advise booking a week or more in advance.
    If you book with short notice we will try to assist you, but we cannot guarantee availability.
  • Some services are offered subject to having good weather conditions for the practice of the activity or can represent for the passengers the real possibility of getting wet with rain or getting dirty, according to the weather at the moment. We recommend carrying a light raincoat in the rainy season.

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