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The Bocas del Toro archipelago is located in the North East of Panama, next to the Costa Rican border. It was first explored by a European, Admiral Cristobal Colon, during his fourth and final visit to America as he searched for a passage that would allow him to continue on Westward to the coasts of India.

This is the excursion that combines the most activities (Dolphin watching, beach, gastronomy, reef snorkeling) and visits more sites of interest that can only be seen in Bocas.

Almost all the travelling is undertaken on the protected waters behind the coral reef, so that our journey is less affected by the waves and can be completed even in moderate wind conditions.

A morning departure is preferable and we meet early at one of the smaller piers. Our first stop is Dolphin Lagoon, close to Cristóbal Island. After seeing the dolphins we continue on to Coral Key to discover the impressive coral formations and the rich marine fauna. After a break, we will go on to Red Frog Beach on the island of Bastimentos where we will cross the island to reach Red Frog Beach on the other side. On Bastimentos we will have the opportunity to see the venomous frogs of the genus Dendrobates Pumilio.

Minimum of 4 passengers. Entrance to Red Frog Beach is not included ($3.00 PP)

  • Frequency: Every day
  • Departure: 8:00am.
  • Duration: 6 Horas
  • What to bring: Beach clothes, a fresh dry set of clothes, hat or cap, Sunscreen, money for souvenirs.

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