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The enjoyment of the arrival of the Humpbacked Whales in the warm waters of the Pacific Orient is a stellar opportunity and a staple of the tourism industry of Panama in the archipelago of Las Perlas.

According to Marine Biologists “The Panamanian waters are vitally important for the reproduction, birthing and feeding of the newborn Whales”, There is a convergence of Whales that come from both the frozen waters North and South of the planet.

In this way, from the month of July until October nearly 2000 of these marine mammals pass by the coast of Panama, specifically 40 miles offshore, South of the capital.

The Whales were able to repopulate due to fierce control for their protection. They migrate roughly 8000km to avoid the harsh polar winters in search of safer waters to give birth.

The incredible spectacle that they usually give, and for which they are well known, forms part of the reproductive cycle of these beautiful Whales.

  • We depart the city around 7:30am and head to Las Perlas, in search of the Whales and Dolphins on the way. You can snorkel around some of the islands and what’s more we will lunch in the restaurant of Isla Contadora. On this tour we have a 99% success rate in seeing the Whales. We return to Panama City around 5:00pm.
  • 1 day from the City of Panama to the waters around Isla Contadora.
  • Includes : The price includes the boat, guide, drinks and snorkel equipment. Lunch is not included. We will stop for lunch and a swim at Isla Contadora then continue on to view the Whales.
  • What to bring: Comfortable clothes, sunscreen, sunglasses, hat or cap, camera and good vibes!
  • Our guarantee: If for some reason no whales are seen on the tour, we will provide you with a ticket so that you may return another day free of charge.

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