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This adventure takes us to the indigenous community in the Chagres National Park.

The Emberá are one of the 7 ethnic groups that are distributed throughout Panama and one of the most interesting to visit. They live in Amerindian villages distributed mostly between Colombia and Panama.

The Emberá themselves explain that there are nine communities that are currently distributed in the district of Panama, specifically in the basins of the Chagres and Gatún rivers. Of the 9 existing communities, four of them do not accept tourism and five of them not only accept it, but have seen how the tourist visits provide a series of important economic resources for their development as a community.

We will get to know the Emberá culture, we will observe its artisans and we will enjoy their knowledge of botany, their cultural dances and their music, this tour will transport us to past centuries.

You can observe a great variety of birds, walk in the jungle, explore the waterfalls and learn a magical culture, all this in a single day.

  • Includes: Roundtrip transport, snacks and refreshments, lunch and a specialist guide.
  • Departure: 8:00am
  • Duration: 8 hours
  • What to bring: Comfortable clothes, sunscreen, sunglasses, hat or cap, camera, insect repellent, footwear for water, cash for souvenirs.

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