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Devil’s Island is one of those islands who called “Paradise”, does not maintain such sophisticated cabins as the other islands, but has one of the most beautiful beaches and also near Dog Island, one of the famous islands, that this remains a sunken which you can dive with snorkel and see inside or just observe from the surface of the boat.

Prices include:
– Transfers Panama City / Kuna Yala / Panama City
– Transport Port / designated Island / Puerto
– Dormitory accommodation or private according chosen option
– Breakfast, lunch and dinner (not including breakfast first day, last day only breakfast included)
– Does not include drinks

1. Always remember bring your Passport, without it you cannot get in nor out Guna Yala territory.
2. We recommend you to buy beverages like sodas, but most importantly, buy water at the local supermarket.
3. In the cabins, the beverages are not included with the meals. *** Isla Coco includes 1 beverage with each meal.
4. When you take the boat for your island, remember wear comfortable clothes, flip flops or water proof shoes, because you might get wet.
5. If you bring smartphones, camera or another electronic devices, remember bring your waterproof bag for your electronic devices, it’s the best option, if you don’t want damage your electronics.